Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lizzy Code Pink Phoenix Arizona State Capital NPR Interview


  1. January 11 2011 Close Guantanamo
    from Arizona we say Restore Habeas

  2. HEY LIZ, Paki, Ellen and Bev just watched this powerful video!!!
    We are in D.C. at the Witness against torture vigil and fast.
    Lots of love , Paki Hey Liz..You are lwonderful.!! Causing people to think..WoW ..What crazy idea!! Lots of Hugs and Love.. Elen
    Liz...I miss you. You are doing wonderful peace work! Love Bev

  3. Go LIZ and AZ activists. You rock!! Truthful and reaching all these audiences: school kids, even NPR. Very articulate, thanks you. "Closing Guantanamo...for our own spiritual healing."